Blokus Trigon

Blokus Trigon makes Blokus gets more challenging. A Mensa award winner and with 20+ other awards, Blokus Trigon promotes healthy brain activity and challenges spatial thinking.

Improve your creative thinking with this strategy board game for all from 5 to 99 years of age!

Blokus Trigon is a challenging strategy oriented abstract board game from the makers of Blokus. The 88 pieces are triangular and in vibrant colors. Game play similar to Blokus, is for players to try to place all their pieces.

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Blokus Trigon Game details

In the Package

88 triangular pieces in 4 sets of 22, each in a striking color

Blokus trigon

Why Blokus Trigon?

Blokus is not your average board game. Being a winner of awards like the Mensa Select (2003) and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award (2004), it is recognized as one of the best board games to promote spatial thinking and strategizing.

If you already have Blokus, try Trigon for a change of pace. It is great as a gift, family game or a party game. In fact it can also be used by a solitary player.

While the first few moves in the Blokus trigon game may appear to be simple and easy, as the game calls for both defensive and offensive strategies. It is appealing to both kids and adults and can be fun and simple while also be challenging.

Blokus is a colorful, elegant game with easy rules yet is never boring as each game has its own twist. Blokus trigon is geometry with play. It guarantees fun and learning for both children and playful competition for adults.

Do not miss the opportunity to play this well made, well thought out, challenging and fun for all game.

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